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What is the H Miracle system?        Why haven't I received the system with no mailing address?        What if I have no credit card to order?   


Q: What exactly is the H Miracle System?

The H Miracle System is a full package that includes everything you need to readily cure your hemorrhoids and shrink the tissue to its original state in the most easy and natural way possible. This includes audio lessons, a downloadable manual, charts, detailed remedy photos and unlimited updates. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all pills or yucky creams because everyone's case may slightly vary. That's the beauty of our system's comprehensiveness and ease to use.

Q: How may I order the H Miracle system right now?

Click on the following link, see our risk-free guarantee first, then scroll below to order:

Q: Why is H Miracle System not sold in the supermarkets or grocery stores?

In order for us to cost-effectively bring this to people, we decided to provide this via the internet. Remember that natural remedies (no matter how great they really are) are normally not considered "mainstream" like the medications and pills pushed by the large pharmaceutical corporations which pay millions to advertise towards the public.

We and hundreds of success stories truly believe in this product and don't need to go that route. Results-driven, not corporate-driven, is our philosophy. We may consider bringing it to supermarkets someday, but definitely not in the near future.

Q: Is H Miracle easy to use? Will it be hard?

Not at all. The system is very straightforward and easy to implement. Any troubles, you can ask our staff.

Q: Can I implement this anywhere in the world?

Yes, you should be able to. We have H Miracle users from places ranging from Australia to India to China to Mexico to Nigeria to Sweden.

Q: How does Holly help me out?

I am here 24/7 for you to email to contact if you run into any issues or doubts. My goal is to help you achieve your goal as easily as possible. If I'm not there, one of our dedicated team members will definitely be there to assist you.

Q: I ordered the H Miracle Package but I haven't received it yet, where is it?

The H Miracle System is delivered 100% online to maintain privacy and discreteness. You will be given a username a password immediately after your order and they would be send to your email address you supplied. Use this to gain access to The H Miracle Package. Your credit card will be discretely billed CLKBANK which is from our 100% secure payment processor.

Q: Is the initial membership a one time only fee?

Yes It is a one time fee! You only need to purchase the H Miracle package ONCE and then you will receive unlimited access to all our features. There are absolutely no hidden monthly or annual fees whatsoever.

Q: After I sign up, when can I begin using the system?

After you submit your payment information through the secure order form, you will automatically be given login information to access our members section.

Q: Can I pay using a credit card, electronic check or Paypal?

You can purchase H Miracle Package through our secure checkout form with Visa or MasterCard, with an electronic check or debit card, or with Paypal.

Q: What if I don't have a credit card?

Without a credit card, you can sign up with to make an account that connects securely with your bank account. This works for almost all countries in the world. It is 100% secure. Then you can purchase the system through the Paypal option.  You may also pay via money order or personal check by clicking here.

Q: Is it difficult to download? Is my computer compatible with this?

It's a super simple process and you do not need any computer skills at all. We made sure anyone can access this regardless of computer knowledge. The H Miracle package of instructional manual, charts and mp3 audio files will work with all computers (PC and Mac) and all operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS and Linux). If you run into a problem opening an mp3 or accessing a link, we provide links to update your system and we offer customer service, so just simply contact us by email and we have people standing by to help you.

Q: Why do you not need my mailing address?

Due to popular demand and for the benefit of your own privacy purposes, we have decided to deliver this system to you entirely online. The second benefit is so that we may give you unlimited updates absolutely free as customers may login anytime with the username/password. The final benefit to this is because this way allows instant access without waiting and you can begin curing hemorrhoids the same day.

Q: What if I'm taking other medications? or pregnant? Will this effect it?

In our opinion, our solution is 100% natural and does not cause any interference with other medication, however remember our medical disclaimer and consult your doctor when in doubt after ordering. We cannot give you what is considered professional medical advice.

Q: Will this help me if I only got hemorrhoids from a pregnancy? (women only)

Yes, hemorrhoids result from pressure on a rectal vein walls and H Miracle intends to fix it using the same principles as it does from non-pregnancy hemorrhoids.

Q: I purchased and my password not work for entering the H Miracle users area?

This is a common occurrence for Internet Explorer users whose security settings do not allow them to view password-protected areas. The solution to this is simple: Inside internet explorer, click on "Tools" in the top bar -> "Internet Options ..." -> Security Tab -> click on "Trusted Sites" -> Add Site -> then simply add the domain into this. Finally, try your password again.

Q: Does it work for severe 3rd or 4th degree hemorrhoids?


Q: If I order one of the supplemental remedies, will they ship to my country?

Yes, our resources are able to ship to UK, Australia, most of Europe, South America, most of Africa, Pacific Islands, and of course Asia



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