How To Cure Hemorrhoids - Sitz Bath

by Holly Hayden

A sitz bath also known as a hip bath is a method to wash your bottom in a saline solution.

Sitz baths can be the most soothing experiences for your hemorrhoids. First of all, it cleans the rectal area of any bacteria that could cause an infection for a ruptured or bleeding hemorrhoid. This is very important as I always recommend my clients to clean the anus area after a bowel movement. This ensures the tissue does not get inflamed from germs, etc. An inflamed tissue is easily ruptured some more and creates problems.

The most basic way to create a sitz bath is to use lukewarm water in a water pan or bath tub and simply soak the bottom there. Some people use baby oil or salts to add in if desired. This can be used to stimulate nerve endings that have been stressed or tired out (such as the case with piles).

It's best to do this regularly such as once a night or so. It's also very helpful for those people who have endured a operation and wish to relax this area for comfort. As for curing hemorrhoids, this is definitely a helpful factor and one may use relaxing aroma-therapeutic elements that help the skin. At the very least, it can decrease aggravation. 

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